About Me

Hi, I am Seda, a human-being, certified Transformational Breath facilitator, holistic coach and therapist in training, communication and marketing professional.

My life simply started to transform at the weekend that I was introduced to conscious breath work. Realising the impact of transformational breath strongly in my life I chose the path to become a facilitator. I am deeply grateful that this path gives me the opportunity to work with my family members, friends and all people being ready to explore themselves through their own breaths.

I am so passionate about this powerful, quick, effective self-healing tool which is available to each of us. I am here to help you release the past; move forward peacefully through transformational breath; by turning and looking deep inside with trust and openness.

I am a professional member of International Breath Foundation (IBF) which is an non-profit international network providing a structure to support the development of breathwork in all its forms.



”I discovered the transformational breath with Seda with whom I did two breathing sessions so far, and both of them have been very surprising experiences. I remember feeling good after my first session, very light and peaceful which I really needed at that time. During the second session a lot of images from the past and emotions came up. It felt like my body was left with a deep knowledge way beyond what my mind could actually understand. I was feeling strong and vulnerable at the same time, and was seeing the potential of living a life where I was myself, where I was free. Seeing such possibility gives me strength to take action in my life and motivation to go deeper and deeper into this transformative work. Thank you Seda for your softness and dedication.”

Victor Callens, professional dancer

“I am one of the lucky souls that had a breathing session with Seda. What a privilege! Her technique is as calming as her presence. During the session my imagination was pretty active and I had visions. At the end of the session I got my phone to record everything I had seen. The session helped me to realise lots of things and opened a new door for me. That was the first step for me to the world of meditation and breathing exercises. Thank you Seda for introducing me to breathing and being.”
Demet Adıgüzel, artist